Wine Barrels

Given a few moments of free time around the winery I always wander around with my iPhone and take a few images.

Much like the wine I sell, when able to take photos, I focus on the small details…the minutae…utimately these are the details which can define the finished wine.

Barrels are truly fascinating to me, to view them at a superficial level they are relatively all the same. Largely the same shape, the same size, and for the most part the same type of wood. However, like humans, each barrel has its own personality. To taste the same wine aged in barrels from different countries, different forests, and different coopers all show wonderfully divergent characteristics. Sometimes I think this why I do what I do.

The above image is from a cooperage that we are using for the first time this vintage and I so look forward to seeing what this may bring to the wine as it develops


About animproperpint

animproperpint is the on-line soapbox and pulpit of Russell Galbraith focusing on things that make sense in my little brain namely beer, food, and stuff... my history has included time spent in the trenches of the wine, art, and sciences industries and communities which, all being said and done shows, a tendancy to over-education and under-utilization and I know a lot but really know nothing.
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